humblesidekick whispered:
Eragon and Arya… Or more interestingly, if you wish. Arya and Nasuada/Katrina (Katrina because she’s a redhead).

“What question can you never answer ‘yes’ honestly to?”

The steady beat of Saphira’s wings was the only other sound that they could hear, leagues above the plains running at the foot of the Beor mountains. Eragon turned his head to study Arya, his hand securely holding onto the saddle in case something unexpected happened.

“If you’re doing the right thing,” he answered at last. “I don’t think anyone can ever be certain.”

Arya had the ghost of a smile dancing over her lips.

“Are you asleep?”

Eragon’s eyes crinkled together as he laughed, Arya’s melodic voice soon joining his.


Katrina held her head aloft, a proud, fiery look in her eye. “I have come to ask my Lady to reconsider Roran’s punishment. He saved those soldiers, and you know it.”

Nasuada lifted a hand to still her guard, who looked positively eager to throw the redheaded village woman from the tent. “I have spoken with my Council, and we agree it is for the good of the Var-“

“Don’t!” Kartina hissed, “say it’s for the good of the Varden. If not for him, your precious Varden would be diminished.” She turned on her heel, striding angrily away from Nasuada.